The Hills’ Kristin Cavallari at Wet Republic

On 2010/06/22, in Celebs, Events, Pics, by Chad Saunders

Hot reality starlet Kristin Cavallari soaked up the Vegas sun this Saturday at WET REPUBLIC. The Hills beauty arrived looking the part of California girl in a sweet black romper hiding a neon splashed bikini with five-inch white lace-up espadrilles. “I’m here at WET REPUBLIC just to have a good time…Vegas is fun! I like the pools a lot better, [WET REPUBLIC] is like a nightclub in the sun and you’re getting a tan. Vegas just has a really great energy,” Kristin shared on the “blue” carpet.

When it comes to life after The Hills, Kristin revealed, “We have about another month with The Hills and then I have three different reality shows that I want to produce. One of them I’m in the process of doing all the contracts. I’m also designing a shoe line and I want to keep acting. I just started auditioning again and putting myself out there. [My ideal role] would be anything that pushes me outside my comfort zone, which can be a lot of things.”

Getting nostalgic about The Hills coming to a close, Kristin remembered her favorite memories over the years and said, “Well, I mean personally for me with Laguna Beach, having my graduation on tape and edited with amazing music, it’s like a movie in a lot of ways. That’s awesome; that’s something you can’t trade in for the world. I’m older now and I can put in Laguna Beach [DVDs] and see all those memories from high school, so that’s really cool.”

Torn between the country she calls home and her heritage, Kristin can’t decide between U.S.A. and Italy as the team to cheer for in the 2010 World Cup, but exclaims, “Of course, I’m rooting for the U.S.A.!”


14 Responses to “The Hills’ Kristin Cavallari at Wet Republic”

  1. Chris Cryer says:

    what a great event.

  2. She was looking pretty good

  3. Craig Keenan says:

    Great day at Wet, she is as hot in person as she is on tv.

  4. Brett Kobes says:

    double delicious

  5. How was this party??

  6. She was just as pretty in person as she is on tv

  7. I heard she was asking about me!!

  8. Simon Gatume says:

    Good ambiance!

  9. Thomas Gorman says:

    She was soooooo hot!

  10. Ashley says:

    Me and all my friends had a great time, thanks guys

  11. Brittany says:

    The best pool party in vegas by far. Coming back for the 4th of July

  12. Lauren says:

    Everyone gave such great service, Wet Republic you guys are the best

  13. John says:

    Celebs luv Wet Republic!

  14. nei says:

    just the best for me is…

    the girl posing with the beahcball !!! I would like to watch her blowing up by mouth

    and tossing it !!!!


    thanks. I would like to be there !

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